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2024 Carports and Garages Buyers Guide

Arcadia Carport by Palram


A carport or garage not only protects vehicles from snow and falling branches but also can add value to your home. If you've decided you're ready to invest in a carport, your next step is to consider the different types of shellters and which one is right for you. At Grizzly Shelter Ltd. we offer a large range of carports and garages with steel or polycarbonate roofs at various widths and lengths.  Keep reading to find out which carport or garage will best suit your needs.

Polycarbonate Carports Vs Steel Carports Vs Wood/Steel Timber Frame Carports

We offer three main types of carports; aluminum posts with polycarbonate roof, steel 2x2 tube with corrugated metal roofing, and our own proprietary Kootenay steel truss with wood posts and beam carports. Polycarbonate carports are built with rust-resistant, anthracite powder-coated aluminum frames, galvanized steel connectors and polycarbonate roof panels that let natural sunlight through while still offering 100% UV protection. 

Kootenay Steel and Wood Carports

Our steel carports are built with either powdercoated steel or rust-resistant aluminum frames and a steel galvanized roof. Both options are built to withstand the tough Canadian weather and come with snow load/wind ratings.

Did you know that flying objects from wind tends to cause more damage than snow?  All of our carports come with ground anchor solutions and we always recommend high gauge steel roof thicknesses (26 to 28 gauge minimum) to protect from dents and damage.

Ultimately, the choice between polycarbonate vs. steel vs. wood timber frame comes down to largely visual appearance as well as snow/wind loads and cost. Your intended use for the carport is also important as the steel carports and Kootenay Carports come with generally larger width and height size options and tend to add more value to your property.   

Kootenay Cantilever Wood and Steel Carport

When you are looking to add value to your home with a permanent structure, versus a temporary storage solution, our stylish Kootenay Carport series cannot be beat. Combining the natural beauty of wood with the strength and durability of steel, our Kootenay Carports are a timeless timber frame style sure to compliment any home.

Double Car Solar Panel Carport

We also provide custom commercial carport designs for charging stations and  home solar panel installations.  Carports have a lot of usable space for generating power with solar panels, and pose less risk on a carport vs a roof installation.  They are also generally easier to access for regular cleaning of dust and debris on a carport roof vs on a home.

Charging Station Awnings for Electric Vehicles - Grizzly Shelter Ltd.

Polycarbonate Carports  

Palram polycarbonate carport


Polycarbonate carports offer many great benefits and are sure to impress with their sleek and modern appearance. Palram, our manufacturer for polycarbonate carports, is a 50 year old Israeli company that holds the patent for nearly bullet-proof polycarbonate. This polycarbonate is virtually unbreakable, shatter resistant and 100% UV protected - keeping your vehicles truly safe from the elements. The panels will not discolour, fracture or become brittle over time. Our polycarbonate carports come in quick and easy DIY assembly kits, with ready to assemble pre-cut panels and pre-drilled aluminum frames. Polycarbonate has become a popular choice for outbuildings over the years as it is sturdy and withstands tough weather conditions, perfect for Canadian winters!  

See our assortment of polycarbonate carports below;

*psf = pounds per square foot. Generally, 1 pound per square foot = 1 inch of average moisture snow*

Here are some of our ready-to-go polycarbonate and aluminum carport kit options below available in Mississauga Ontario.

 Model Panel Thickness Snow/Wind Rating Light Transmission Size Warranty
Vitoria 6 mm twin wall 22 psf / 90 kmh 15% 9.5' W x 16' L 10 years
Arcadia 6 mm twin wall 30.7 psf / 120 kmh 15% 11.9' W x 14.2'-49.2' 10 years
Arizona Wave 1 mm corrugated panels 15.4 psf / 120 kmh 10% Single car OR Double car

10 years


Can I Customize My Polycarbonate Carport?

We do offer some custom lengths for our polycarbonate carports using extension kits. For example, our Arcadia Carport comes in a base size of 11'9" wide x 14'2" long x 7'11" high, but can be extended up to 28'2" long or longer (via 7 foot extensions), which easily accommodates two vehicles. Leg extensions can also be added to raise the height an additional 2 feet 6 inches to 3 feet 7 inches to accommodate taller vehicles or RV's. Our Arizona series carports can be attached together using our EZ Connector system to create a double carport. 

How Do I Anchor My Polycarbonate Carport To The Ground?

Our Polycarbonate carports require a solid, level surface for the included anchoring foot-pads and concrete anchors which allow you to secure the carport to a surface of your choosing. This allows for easy and convenient relocation of your new carport! Find more anchoring and foundation information here.

carport anchor system

Steel and Metal Carports 


Steel and Metal carports are strong, robust and durable and most suitable for higher snow load areas. They hold up great against even the toughest weather conditions at up to 3 feet of snow (35 psf) before we recommend you clear.  They come with ground wedge auger anchors for each post with a 300 lbs pound  pull strength and a 100 mph wind ratings. Steel carports have the added advantage of coming in a large variety of sizes and being able to accommodate larger vehicles, multiples vehicles and even your outdoor recreational vehicles such as RV's. We have 10, 12, 14 and 20 foot widths in our steel carports.

We carry two main types of Steel carports - all-steel engineered carports (pictured above), made of tough all-steel, powder coated 2 inch tube frame with a heavy-duty, galvanized steel roof. You can check out the Steel Metal Carport here, or the 20 Foot Wide Steel Carport here.

Secondly we offer a 12x20 Metal carport (pictured below) with an aluminum frame and steel roof. Designed with a sloped ribbed roof system to easily shed snow, rain and ice. This second option is our most contemporary looking steel carport and makes a great addition to any home! You can upgrade to add on a vinyl fabric enclosure kit here.

Timber Frame Wood and Steel Kootenay Carports

These sturdy DIY steel and wood carport kits come with powder coated steel roofs, trusses, post boots, braces and fasteners. We supply you with the specs and you can get the wood, purlins and beams needed from your local hardware store to save on the cost of shipping for heavy items.

All Kootenay Carports are manufactured in Kelowna BC, and are welded in a facility that is CWB Certified to CSA 47.1 standards. We stand behind our craftsmanship, and offer a 10 year steel warranty on all boots, trusses, and braces.

We ship across Canada. Contact us directly for a quote including shipping to your address, and we can help you make the best selection based on your needs. Please be aware that our current lead time for these products averages about 8-12 weeks for production, plus shipping.

12 and 14 Foot Wide Kootenay Carports

Size Options Available:

12W x 20L - 3 Trusses/Brackets/Boots/Fasteners/Roofing
12W x 25L - 4 Trusses/Brackets/Boots/Fasteners/Roofing
14W x 20L - 3 Trusses/Brackets/Boots/Fasteners/Roofing
14W x 25L - 4 Trusses/Brackets/Boots/Fasteners/Roofing

This timber frame style wood and steel carport provides a snow load rating estimated at over 90 pounds per square foot (assuming steel 26 gauge roof) although you are responsible for permitting in your area.  The patented and CSA approved welded steel trusses, post boots and brackets support a 26 gauge ribbed metal roof. 

We recommend that you provide the wood 6x6 posts, 2x6 purlins and 2x10 beams from your local hardware store to our specs provided, this will save you on the cost of shipping heavy items.

20 Foot Wide Kootenay Carports

Size Options Available:

20W x 20L - 3 Trusses
20W x 30L - 4 Trusses
20W x 40L - 5 Trusses

 This sturdy DIY steel carport kit system provides you with the right size and quantity of high strength powder coated steel trusses, post boots, braces and fasteners and roofing.  You just need to provide the wood. An optional eaves trough can also be attached on each side.

You may also choose to substitute a steel roof for clear or bronze 6 mm polycarbonate roofing panels and use it as a summer gazebo or pergola.

 Provides a snow load rating estimated at over 90 pounds per square foot (assuming steel 26 gauge roof).  

2 or 3 Post Kootenay Cantilever Carports

Size Options:
Coverage of 10 feet wide x 16 to 18 feet long

The Kootenay steel and wood cantilevered carport gives you freedom to park without extra posts. Great for turnaround areas or car charging stations, as well as for mounting solar panels that get maximum sun exposure.

The 26 gauge galvanized rib roof has a 20 degree slope, allowing snow/ice to slide off nicely.  Snow load is estimated at 50 lbs per square foot, and winter support legs at the high end of beams can be provided for high snow load areas.

This DIY kit includes an easy bolt together assembly, meaning that once you have concrete poured, you will have this carport erected in a day with only two helpers.

With wood beams to compliment the charcoal grey powder coated posts, this stylish carport is sure to turn heads in your neighbourhood. 


steel garage


Looking for more coverage and protection? Our Charcoal Steel Garage With Rollup Door is a great option. This sturdy steel garage comes in a variety of sizes and boasts a 20 year warranty and fully lockable doors. The Light Grey Steel Garage With Rollup Door is very popular as well. This prefab building is thoughtfully designed to hold virtually anything you want to store, from small vehicles to bikes or extra household items. 

See our assortment of steel carports and garages below;

*psf = pounds per square foot. Generally, 1 pound per square foot = 1 inch of average moisture snow*

 Model Snow/Wind Rating Size Warranty Enclosed?
12x20 Metal Carport 12x20 5 year roof / 1 year structure Fabric enclosure sold separately
Steel Metal Carport 35 psf / 100 mph 10-12x15-38 10 years Fabric enclosure sold separately
20 Foot Wide Steel Carport 35 psf / 100 mph 20x20, 20x24, 20x29 or longer 10 years Fabric enclosure sold separately
Steel Garage With Rollup Door 35 psf / 100 mph 12x10, 12x15, 12x20, 12x25, 12x30 20 years Fully enclosed garage
Steel Garage With Rollup Door - Light Grey 25 psf / 100 mph 12-14x10-31 12 years Fully enclosed garage


Steel Garage With Rollup Door - Light Grey

 Can I Customize My Steel Carport?

While we don't offer customizations, our steel carports come in a large variety of sizes ranging from 10-20 feet wide and 15-38 feet long. You can add height with a raised/pony wall concrete foundation, cinder blocks or pressure treated 4x4s. 

Can I Enclose My Carport?

Our 20x20 Vinyl Carport Enclosure includes drive-through panels on both the front and back and heat-sealed seams for 100% water resistance - further protecting your vehicles all-year round! This enclosure kit works with our line of 20 Foot Wide Steel Carports.

You can also add on a Vinyl Enclosure Kit for the 12x20 Metal Carport here.

How Do I Anchor My Steel Carport To The Ground?

Our Steel Carports come with a set of 300 pound pull-strength ground auger anchors to keep it secured to the ground. Our 12x20 Carport is pre-drilled for easy anchoring to the ground. Find more anchoring and foundation information here.  

What About RV, Boat and Trailer Storage?

steel RV carport


Not to worry! we offer that as well :) If you like the sound of our Steel Carports, you're in luck because we have one specifically made for RV's. The Steel RV Carport is 14 feet tall, and will easily protect your RV from tough weather conditions with it's 35 psf snow load rating and 100 mph wind rating.

If it's a boat or trailer enclosure that you're after, check out our RV or Camper Garage. This structure provides a great compact storage solution for really anything you need - boats, lawn equipment, patio furniture. It features heavy duty steel tubing, and strong waterproof fabric. The RV Camper Garage is custom made to your specifications, so please contact us directly so we can guide you in selecting the best options, and then we'll provide you with a quote.

Looking For Something Even Bigger?

Our commercial or custom heavy snow load garage is 14 feet wide and can be made up to 50 feet long. These premium shelters live up to their name with a 120 psf snow rating and a 180 mph wind rating. These are custom made in the US and shipped to Canada, so lead time is approximately 5 to 8 weeks depending on your location in Canada, time of year, shipping delays etc.  

Heavy Duty Commercial Steel Frame Shelter Canopy

Do I Need a Building Permit?

Generally, any structure over 10 square metres (108 square feet) for a non-temporary building may require a permit. See more information on building permits here. 

If you still have questions about carports and garages or other shelters, please contact us here at Grizzly Shelter Ltd. and we will be happy to help!