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Kootenay Solar or Steel Pent Carport
Kootenay Solar or Steel Pent Carport
Kootenay Solar or Steel Pent Carport
Kootenay Solar or Steel Pent Carport
Kootenay Solar or Steel Pent Carport
Kootenay Solar or Steel Pent Carport
Kootenay Solar or Steel Pent Carport
Kootenay Solar or Steel Pent Carport
Kootenay Solar or Steel Pent Carport
Kootenay Solar or Steel Pent Carport
Kootenay Solar or Steel Pent Carport
Kootenay Solar or Steel Pent Carport

Kootenay Solar or Steel Pent Carport

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Introducing a carport that takes charge, literally. This angled pent carport is capable of connecting your vehicle up to a 4.2 kW solar panel array.  This means that you can add 20 to 40 km of range to your battery per hour for an average 50 kW battery electric vehicle during peak sun conditions. The 20 degree angled roof was designed to best capture sunlight from the south.  It is also built to withstand rain, ice or snow loads up to 100 lbs per square foot and up to 100 km/h winds. Solar panels only add 2 to 4 lbs per square foot of extra weight on average.

Kootenay Steel and Wood Carport with Trusses

Looking for a steel and wood carport? 
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We can ship the carport kit with ground or concrete anchors based on your needs. A separate carport for solar panels allows you easily access and maintain it.  This helps you avoid the risk of drilling into your home's existing roof avoiding leaks and difficult high up maintenance.  Lead time is currently 2 to 3 months from order to delivery from our shops in BC or Ontario where we cut, weld and powdercoat our carport frames.

Commerical Charging Station for Ontario Provincial Park 

NOTE: Solar panel charging station, inverter and related solar accessories are sold separately from our carports and are not included in the pricing at this listing.  Please contact our installation partners below for panels, inverters, chargers, racks etc and installation:

Kootenay Solar Panel Carport

Please Contact Us Prior to Ordering


  • 10 Feet Wide / 11'2" inside between posts
  • 16 Feet Long / 20 degree slope for best sun exposure
  • 7 foot and 11 foot support heights - 2"x4" structural steel
  • all steel can be powdercoated to colour of your choice
  • 2"x4" steel purlins across the top to support solar panels
  • $150 per 100 Watt Solar Panel average (contact our solar partners)
  • our carports can be customized to allow for 12 to 42 or more solar panels (contact our solar partners above)
  • electric vehicle range generated can be 10 to 40 km per hour
  • made in Kelowna, B.C. or Brampton, Ontario and shipped anywhere in Canada

Kootenay Solar Panel Carport and Charger Grizzly Shelter Ltd

NOTE: Solar panel power generation will vary depending on carport location, panel clarity and model, aspect to sun and electric vehicle model.


    The carport shading system uses a durable powder coated steel structure for easy installation. This solar solution is perfect for those who can't put solar panels on their roof due to shading, orientation or simply do not like the look of solar panels on their home. You can place this solar carport in your backyard, patio or driveway, adding not just a solar system but also a shaded outdoor space. 

    Reduce your carbon footprint and adopt a greener lifestyle. A solar carport allows you to create renewable energy right at your home, showing your kids, family and friends how anyone can make the transition to energy independence and freedom. Use the free solar electricity to power your home and save on your monthly electricity bills, all the while saving carbon emissions for years to come.

    Solar Panel Carport

    Solar Panel Array Carport Home InstallationFAQs

    Do you provide the solar panels and chargers/inverter?
    No, we just provide the steel carports.  Please refer to our solar panel partners listed further above.

    What is your delivery time from payment?
    Your complete smart solar canopy will be delivered in an average of 2 to 3 months from your order date, subject to time of year and demand for steel / panels. 

    How is it attached to the ground?
    We can supply ground anchors or cement anchors depending on your situation.

    Is there maintenance required?
    You will need to do regular cleaning the surface of dust, pollen, snow or ice to maximize the efficiency of your solar panel carport. The flat angled solar panel design ensures rain and snow drain off easily. 

    How are the panels attached to the frame?
    We suggest attaching solar panels directly to our waterproof tough rib 26 gauge steel roofing.  This allows for a number of solar panel types and attachments to fasten securely to our powdercoated steel frame carports.

    Are government solar panel rebates available?
    Yes, the Canadian federal government offers incentives of up to $5,000 for solar panel installations at your home.

    Do you supply the solar panels and carport?
    Grizzly Shelter Ltd. just supplies the steel carport structure. For solar panel and installation costs and information, please contact recommended installers mentioned further above.