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20 Wide Steel & Wood Carport
20 Wide Steel & Wood Carport
20 Wide Steel & Wood Carport
20 Wide Steel & Wood Carport
20 Wide Steel & Wood Carport
20 Wide Steel & Wood Carport
20 Wide Steel & Wood Carport
20 Wide Steel & Wood Carport
20 Wide Steel & Wood Carport
20 Wide Steel & Wood Carport
20 Wide Steel & Wood Carport
20 Wide Steel & Wood Carport
20 Wide Steel & Wood Carport
20 Wide Steel & Wood Carport

20 Wide Steel & Wood Carport

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The 20 foot wide inside (22 outside roof width) Kootenay steel carport kit combines the natural beauty of wood with the strength and durability of steel. Made in Kelowna, British Columbia, this sturdy DIY steel carport timber frame kit system provides you with the right size and quantity of high strength powder coated steel trusses, post boots, braces and fasteners. You must provide the wood and roofing from your local hardware store to our specs provided. An eaves trough can also be attached on each side. You may also choose to substitute a steel roof for clear or bronze 6 mm polycarbonate roofing panels and use it as a summer gazebo or pergola.

12 or 14 Foot Wide Steel Carport Options Here

This timber frame style wood and steel carport provides a snow load rating estimated at over 90 pounds per square foot (assuming steel 26 gauge roof) although you are responsible for permitting in your area. Our patented and CSA approved welded steel trusses, post boots and brackets support a 26 to 29 gauge ribbed metal roof. Please note that we can not provide an engineers stamp since each region and installation is different, but we do provide required drawings for permits further below.


Download Assembly Manual Here
Download 20x20 Permit Drawings Here
Download 20x24 Permit Drawings Here

We ship within B.C. and Canada, but would have to quote your location with an address provided. Contact us for more information or with any questions. NOTE: You may need to provide your own regional engineered stamp  (we do not provide engineered drawings approved for all of BC or Canada, this is not possible).

20 Foot Wide Steel and Wood Carport
20x20 Kootenay Carport Steel Kit
20x20 Carport


  • 2 inch square steel powder coated trusses (1/8th inch thick) 
  • 20 foot inside width between 6x6 posts, 22 foot roof width
  • bead welded brackets for mounting onto the wood frame
  • 14" high steel boots for anchoring and protection 
  • 1/4" steel corner and middle post braces provided
  • designed for 90+ pounds per square foot snow load
  • powder coated steel in charcoal grey 
  • carriage bolts, screws and leg anchor bolts included
  • see our 10 Year Steel Warranty on trusses, boots & braces
  • our welding facility is CWB Certified to CSA 47.1



You will need to supply the wood as follows (quantities/lengths vary by carport length);

  • 6x6 posts at 8 or 10 foot length depending on height you want (5 1/2" x 5 1/2" nominal size fits in boots and truss socket)
  • 2x12 beams at 16 foot length for a 20x20 carport (2 foot overhangs on each end) fir preferred
  • 2x6 purlins at 20 foot length for a 20x20 carport (roof overhang of 1 to 2 inches)
  • You will need to drill the appropriate holes in the posts and beams to attach the 1/4" steel braces using carriage bolts, washers and nuts provided
Wood posts and steel boots

Kootenay Carport Lumber

Shipping from Kelowna, B.C.
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20x20 Carport Kit Example List 

  • 3 Trusses (22 foot outside width, 20 foot inside width, 20 foot long covered area)
  • 6 Post boots (5 1/2" x 5 1/2" x 8' high)
  • 6 Steel Braces (4 end post, 2 double middle post braces)
  • #8 1/4" wide x 1 1/2" treated wood screws x 100
  • 1/2" wide x 9" long carriage bolt with nut/washer x 18 (Note: only 3 bolts per post are required despite 6 holes, ensure bolts are futhest from end of 2x12s to prevent splitting)
  • 1/2" wide x 7" long carriage bolt with nut/washer x 12 
  • 1/2" wide x 2 1/2" long carriage bolt with nut/washer x 24
  • 1/2" concrete anchors/bolts (6 posts x 4 each) x 24 

You Supply Wood & Steel Roof (click here for 12x20 sample cost)

  • Grade 1 or 2 Lumber (SPF - untreated)
  • 6x6 posts - 6 @ 8feet height (5 1/2" x 5 1/2" nominal size fits boots/trusses but you may wish to get 6"x6" posts and trim down 1/4" on each side - this also helps water not seep into boots given overhang)
  • 2x12 beams -  2 @ 2x12s (16 ft) 
  • 2x6 purlins - 16 @ 2x6s (20 ft) 
  • 14 roof panels 36" wide @ 139" long (2" overhang) plus 20' long ridge cap and fasteners
  • ASSEMBLY: 2 people, 2 or 3 days for a 20x20 carport
  • NOTES: You must drill holes in posts and beams and cut all wood to length as per permit drawings provided. We suggest using only 3 of the holes for each top post, furthest away from the end of the 2x12 beam (to prevent splitting). https://grizzlyshelter.ca/products/kootenay-20-foot-wide-carportAlso a good idea to order 5% extra wood and roofing to account for possible flaws/warping/damage.
  • Total Wood/Roof Cost Estimate for 20x20 Finished Carport: $5K average.
Charcoal Galvanized Steel Roofing


Carriage Bolts, Anchors and Fasteners