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Below appear frequently asked questions concerning the characteristics and usage of our products. We are authorized dealers for ShelterLogic and Palram products in Canada and the US. For technical questions, you may also wish to contact them directly through their websites. If your question does not appear below, please contact us through our Contact Us page. 

What is polycarbonate?
Polycarbonates are a group of thermoplastic polymers. Their strength and toughness allows them to be used as either commodity and or engineering plastics. They have superior service temperature range, impact resistance and optical quality. 

How easy it is to assemble ShelterLogic or Palram kits?
ShelterLogic and Palram kits are specifically designed for DIY assembly. There are videos and detailed instruction manuals available in each kit shipped, and on most of our listings or at the product websites. Large products can usually be assembled by two handy people. Follow the assembly instructions carefully. Work gloves are strongly recommended when sliding panels. Always wear shoes and safety goggles when working with extruded aluminum.

Do I need a permit?
Generally speaking, since our shelters are considered "temporary structures" under most building codes, you will likely not need a permit.  In some provinces or states, anything larger than 10 foot x 10 foot needs a permit. However, if you are planning to attach one of our structures to your house or another permanent structure, or if you are creating a permanent foundation, then you may be required to get a permit.  It is recommended if you are unsure of your local building codes to consult with your local governing authority regarding installation. In our experience, a stand-alone carport for example being installed on level ground will not require a permit. A patio cover which is attached to your house may be required to be under permit, depending on your location.

Can you recommend an installer to assemble our shelter?
Our shelters are all designed to be easily assembled with only basic tools in a few hours by one or two people. We provide detailed assembly instructions with each kit, which includes a 1 800# for direct Palram or ShelterLogic customer support or service issues. Since we sell Canada-wide, and are not familiar with local permits, we recommend that you contact a local contractor for help with foundations, installations that may attached to your house or assistance with assembly.

Can shelter products be extended?
Only specific kits are designed to be extended and only using designated extension kits. Extendable products are noted as such on our website at the product page’s Overview tab, as well as in the assembly instructions where the “Extendable Product” mark appear on the right bottom corner of the cover.

What are the snow and wind loads?
Snow load and wind resistance appear on the assembly instructions’ cover page of every relevant product. Assembly instructions are supplied with each product and are also available for download from the respective product page.

Is it necessary to prepare a level foundation for grounding products?
The stability and long-term usability of grounded products heavily rely on the preparation of a firm foundation for placement and fixing. Foundation must be level and sized to match the product’s dimensions with room to spare for access and ventilation. The lack of a firm foundation may result in product warping, window or door not closing properly, damaged frame and failing of the product in high winds and extreme weather conditions. The foundation must also be able to drain out the water to prevent stagnation and promotion of algae, insects etc. The surface must be solid, such as concrete ground/slabs or asphalt. The screws and anchors must be compatible with surface type. A ground cover is highly recommended before installing any kind of foundation. If your site has high moisture content you will need to install a vapor barrier, a 6 mm black plastic.

Does Polycarbonate provide or require UV protection?
Polycarbonate inherently absorbs up to 100% of harmful UV radiation; it provides complete protection but in order to maintain its properties and integrity for many years it needs to be protected. Palram Polycarbonate panels for exterior use have an embedded UV protective layer that must be installed outwards facing the sun. Twin-wall or multi-wall panels have a “This side out” marking (see attached example); please make sure you install them accordingly and remove the marking after installation.

Do you really guarantee the lowest available price?
Yes! If you find a better deal on any of our products featuring the lowest price guarantee badge elsewhere online prior to your purchase, we will match or beat that price guaranteed! The only exception is items/stores that ocassionally sell products at or below cost to liquidate inventory or as a loss leader or 1 time flash/flyer sale. This may occur at big box stores such as, or Note, we do not do refunds based on lower pricing found after purchases have been made. See more details here.

How fast can you ship?
We ship usually within 3 to 7 days to your door via freight truck depending on your location in Canada.  We ship out of a warehouses based in Mississauga and Brampton, Ontario where we typically process your order in 1 or 2 days and then ship it via truck courier which may take 2 to 5 days (Greater Toronto Area is fastest, and western Canada closer to 5 days). Our freight courier will call your phone # provided at least 1 day before expected delivery so that you can confirm delivery location and timing.

Can I pickup up my order?

Yes, that is often possible depending on the product. Please contact us to find out.

Do you ship to the United States?
We are an authorized dealer for ShelterLogic and Palram products in the US and Canada. US customers can visit us at