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Price Guarantee*

Do you really guarantee the lowest price?
Yes, we guarantee below manufacturer suggested retail pricing plus shipping and tax among qualified manufacturer approved retailers (Note: Amazon, or eBay sellers may sell used items at discounts which we will not price match).

If you find a better deal on any of our products elsewhere online prior to your purchase only, then we will very likely be able to beat that price excluding shipping! The only exception may be for big box stores that occasionally sell products at or below cost to liquidate inventory or as a loss leader or 1 time flash/flyer sale.  NOTE: We do not price match or refund $ after purchase.

How do I get a lower price discount then?
You must provide the sale details to us, with a direct live link to the same exact product and variation/colour.  You must note what postal code you are from and if any shipping costs are included or not.  We will then verify the link and confirm back with you your eligible discount if we can beat the advertised price. If we can, then we will send you an online coupon for your price discount.

Can I get a refund on a lower price found after purchase?
No, we DO NOT do refunds based on lower pricing found after purchases have been made at If we allowed this, customers could endlessly check sale prices and demand lower prices anytime after the sale.

The price of the item I saw and screenshotted increased when I got around to wanting to purchase it. You must honour the lowest price I saw earlier!
Not true.  "Pricing fluctuations, mistakes or changes" are not binding for sellers in Canada, and retailers do not have to honor them. We reserve the right to change our prices and shipping costs at any time.  

We bought a product and then had to pay an additional shipping fee. Why don't you offer "Free Shipping?  
"Free shipping" is a myth, there is always a cost to shipping.  This cost can be significant with large heavy items, and it includes not only the cost of fuel, drivers and truck wear and tear, but also liability and driver insurance plus taxes.

We saw the price change, you must legally honour the lower price I saw!
No we don't. "Pricing mistakes or changes" are not binding for sellers in Canada, and retailers do not have to honor them.  Product and shipping costs fluctuate wildly and we often have to inform buyers of increased costs which we must pass on. What is illegal is "Bait and switch" but that involves a seller who deliberately sell one product at a discount which they don't have, and then tries to sell another more expensive product. We would never do that.  We have been in business for five years with outstanding reviews and maintain a good reputation for a reason.