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Custom Wood, Steel and Solar Panel Ready Carports 2024

I can't tell you how many times I've had a customer tell me that they saw a great looking carport down the road on their street, and want to find out how to get one. As a business owner, happy customer referrals are always a good thing. Although strength and durability for protecting your vehicle from snow, ice, rain and debris is typically the most common reason to buy a carport, many homeowners also want a shelter that is pleasing to the eye.  A carport that fits the look and feel of your home can add considerable curb appeal and value to your property. Your neighbours may also like that you are adding to the market value of their home and the neighbourhood. 

Wood and Steel Benefits

Steel Carport Powdercoated BracesThere are a number of benefits to having a custom made wood and steel carport vs a pre-manufactured shelter.  Firstly, you have the ability to match the wood stain or paint of your house with your carport.  You can stain or paint the wood posts, beams and purlins to fit in with the aesthetic of your house.   You can also choose a custom colour for when we add powdercoating to the trusses, braces and post boots that matches the colour of your house roof or trim.  

Customize Your Carport Wood

With a wood and steel carport, you can also customize the width, height and length of your shelter.  Generally we recommend 6x6 wood posts at 8 feet high, but you can raise them to up to 10 feet high if required to add more storage height and clearance.  You can also add additional trusses to extend the length of your shelter as long as you would like.

Save Money With Buying Local

While we provide the steel trusses, bracers, post boots and fasteners, you can choose to buy your own wood and roofing locally. This will save shipping cost and allow you to customize the look/stain of your wood posts/beams/purlins.    You can, for example, choose to match the wood used in your house siding or beams with your carport.  By staining your carport with the same colour/finish as your house, it will create a more coordinated and pleasing look for your home.

Kootenay Steel and Wood Carport

Kootenay Steel and Wood Carport

The Kootenay wood and steel carport is available across Canada with manufacturing in Victoria and Kelowna, British Columbia as well as Brampton and Ottawa Ontario.  Our welders are all certified in their field and Canadian Standards Association (CSA) approved. The custom Kootenay carport combines the natural beauty of wood with the strength and durability of steel. 

This sturdy DIY steel carport timber frame kit system provides you with the right size and quantity of high strength powder coated steel trusses, post boots, braces and fasteners. You must provide the wood and roofing from your local hardware store to our specs provided.  Another option which you may choose to add yourself is an eaves trough on each side.  You may also choose to substitute a steel roof for clear or bronze 6 to 10 mm single or twin wall polycarbonate roofing panels and use it as a summer gazebo or pergola.

Kootenay 2 Post Cantilevered Wood and Steel Carport

If you have a tight driveway or circular turn-around, then the two post Kootenay carport may appeal.  Although this carport requires a more robust concrete foundation, it allows you to reduce your number of posts to only two in order to easily get in and out of your vehicle without risk of banging up your doors.  

Kootenay 2 Post Wood and Steel Carport

20 Foot Wide Steel and Wood Carport

If you have multiple larger vehicles or equipment to store, you may be interested in our 20 foot (22 outside width) steel truss and wood post/beam carport. You can go from 20 x 20 to as long as you like to add some serious storage space to your property. 

20 Foot Wide Steel and Wood Carport

We also have designed commercial versions for electric charging stations.

Electric Charging Station Awnings by Grizzly Shelter Ltd.

We also provide another version we designed specifically for solar panels.

 Solar Panel Carport by Grizzly Shelter Ltd.

New for 2024: We have developed a new line of Grizzly awnings and carports for 2024 as shown below that can be customized with your own wood and roofing.

Grizzly Steel and Wood Awning

Grizzly Shelter Ltd. Custom Welded and Powdercoated Carports Made in Canada

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