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Gazebos, Awnings, Sunrooms and Studios Buyers Guide 2024

Our patio coverings, gazebos, studios and enclosed sunroom kits enable you to extend your living space all year long. Whether you're looking for a yoga studio or meditation retreat or an awning to convert your uncovered patio into a functional hangout space no matter the weather, we've got you covered! Awnings and patio covers also can add significantly to useable outdoor space and increase your real estate property value. Visit our installers page for assembly help in your area.

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Grizzly Shelter Ltd Hexagon Sunroom Yoga Studio

Please note, we only ship pre-sized flat-packed Do-It-Yourself kits at the range of sizes we have available on our site. The sizes are optimized for wind and snow loads. We don't get involved directly in the installation, but can refer you to installers who have contacted us here.

At Grizzly Shelter Ltd. we have worked with cafes and restaurants such as Tim Hortons to provide awnings such as our bronze tinted polycarbonate patio cover. We have also sold many of our premium clear awnings to downtown Toronto restaurants.

San Remo Enclosure Patio Cover

There's a lot to consider when deciding which patio cover is right for you. All of our patio and deck covers have Canada rated snowload and wind ratings. Your coverage footprint size, roof thickness and even how much light the covering allows in, are all things to think about before making your final decision. We have patio covers which are full enclosed and some have side enclosures, netting and curtain options.  Some awnings let over 80% of the light through using clear or diffused white polycarbonate panels, while others block the majority of light for those hot summer days (e.g. bronze polycarbonate or opaque steel panels.

Let's start with the basics, which type of patio covering are you after?

Awnings vs. Gazebos

The first thing to take into consideration when shopping for your new outdoor patio covering is what kind of structure you're looking for. Awnings are typically mounted to the side of your house while the other side is supported by adjustable legs, which are anchored into your foundation surface. Typically our awnings allow you to adjust roof angle (10 to 30 degrees depending on the model). This allows you to move the posts away from your house to fit your deck or living space.  Some models allow posts to be moved sideways (laterally) as welly.  Everything from the wall mount to the foot anchors is included in our handy do-it-yourself awning kits.

It should be noted that some awnings and sunrooms may require a building permit depending on your area, especially if connected to your house. A detached sunroom, gazebo or shelter under 120 to 160 square feet however, generally will not require a permit (varies by province and region - Ontario now allows up to 160 square feet shelters in most areas as of Spring 2024).  Again, talk to your local building department for the best advice.

Grizzly Shelter Patio Awnings
Stockholm Patio Cover Grizzly Shelter Ltd.

Gazebos on the other hand, are free-standing structures that can be mounted to your foundation surface with the included foot anchors, and are also light enough to be placed right on your deck. Gazebos come in a large variety of sizes, shapes and colours. If you're looking to cover a large area or don't want your covering directly adjacent to your house, then a Gazebo might just be the right choice for you!  

Martinique Patio Gazebo

What About Sunrooms and Full Enclosures? 

Sunrooms or enclosed gazebos are another great option, providing endless possibilities for your outdoor living space! We carry both fully enclosed gazebos and sunrooms attached to your house. The 4 sided gazebo below comes with two openings that must be placed opposite each other and screen doors to keep the bugs out. 

Ledro Enclosed Gazebo

Steel Roof / Aluminum Frame Gazebos (click image below for sizes)




Backyard Bunkie

Ever wanted to consider a backyard studio for your property?  This 11x9 foot modular bunk house is big enough for a bed with desk and sitting area, but will not require a permit.  It comes with a powder coated dark grey frame with 10 mm multi-wall polycarbonate roof panels for maximum light. This is ideal for those with a family but need a quiet space to work from home. It's also ideal for when the in-laws crash overnight, a friend from out of town comes over or the kids want a sleepover. ;)  Click the image below or here for pricing and details.

Backyard Bunkie Studio Tiny Home

Grizzly Steel and Wood Awnings (Made in Canada)

Add real estate value to your home and enhance your outdoor living or storage space with our high snow load capable Grizzly Shelter Ltd. custom powder-coated steel truss awnings and carports. Our custom manufactured (in Canada) structurally welded CSA approved trusses are perfect for homeowners seeking a stylish and durable solution for patio awnings, carports, or pole barns. Their high strength comes from a combination of 2" and 1" square steel framing and heavy duty steel plate connections.

NOTE: Currently 2 to 3 month lead time due to demand and custom design via Kelowna welding/powdercoating shop.

Grizzly Custom Awnings

Our steel trusses allow you to easily create a shaded area for entertainment or relaxation, or a robust carport with a 90+ lbs per square foot estimated snow load to protect vehicles. These trusses can also work well for covering larger areas as pole barns for farming, feed storage, animals and livestock. They can be great for outdoor recreation, events or just a covered work area to fix up boats, cars or more, the sky is the limit!

Can I Order A Custom Size?

We only offer custom sizes for our Grizzly or Kootenay lines of patio covers.  Our other products are presized kits as per the listings.  Most of our awnings, gazebos and sunrooms do come in complete do-it-yourself kits for DIY assembly. That said, do visit our Installers directory for hiring a contractor or local help.

Our EZ Connector Kit can be used to connect multiple patio coverings together side by side. Contact us with any questions. 

What Are These Structures Made Of? 

Our awnings, gazebos and sunrooms are very well-built and sturdy structures. These structures are all manufactured with this strong and virtually-unbreakable polycarbonate paneling (roof and sides) for the Canadian climate in varying levels of thickness and with varying amounts of light transmission. The polycarbonate panels are 100% UV protected. The rest of the structure (legs/frame etc.) is most often comprised of anthracite powder-coated aluminum, making these structures truly built to withstand Canadian weather and live up to their good reputation!

Polycarbonate roof panels


Panel Thickness - What Does It Mean?

As you will see in the table below, these polycarbonate panels used to build the roofs and sides of our awnings, gazebos and sunrooms, come in varying levels of thickness. What does this mean? And which should you choose? Generally, the thinner the panels, the more light comes through. Thinner panels allow more light through and thicker panels will provide you with more shade and less heat transfer. Allowing you to enjoy your backyard even on the hottest summer days! The thicker polycarbonate panels also provide stronger snow-load and wind resistant capabilities, an important factor to consider when purchasing an outdoor structure. 

See our assortment of Awnings and patio covers below, listed in panel thickness from thickest to thinnest;

*psf = pounds per square foot. Generally, 1 pound per square foot = 1 inch of average moisture snow. So 24 psf means that should should clear your roof before it reaches 2 feet of snow maximum*

 Size Panel Thickness Snow/Wind Rating  Light Transmission

Warranty Colours
10 Foot Deep 16mm - Tinted 35 psf / 120 km/h
61% for White – 10% for Bronze
10 years White or Bronze
7 Foot Depth 6mm - Tinted 25 psf / 90 kmh 80% 7 years White or Grey
11 Foot Deep 4mm - Clear 25 psf (11.2' x 12' awning) 41 psf (11.2' x 17') / 120 kmh 100% 15 years Black
Kootenay Awning Steel Roof 90 psf (10' deep x 10' to 30' wide).


See our assortment of Gazebos below;

 Model Panel Thickness  Snow/Wind Rating Light Transmission Warranty
Premium 6mm 23 psf / 100 kmh 2% 10 year 
Martinique 6mm 15.4 psf / 90 kmh 15% 5 year
Roma 6mm 51.2 psf / 120 kmh 15% 10 year
Milano 6mm 15.4 psf / 90 kmh 15% 10 year


6mm 25 psf / 90 kmh


10 year


steel roof 1 Year Warranty 0% 1 year


See our assortment of Enclosed Gazebos and Sunrooms below;

 Model Panel Thickness  Snow/Wind Rating  Light Transmission Warranty
Ledro 6 mm (roof) 3mm (walls) 25 psf / 90 km/h 15% 10 years
Garda 16 mm (roof) 3mm (walls) 30 psf / 120 km/h 10% 10 year
San Remo 8 mm (roof) 3mm (walls) 30 psf / 120 km/h 65% (roof) 100% (walls) 10 year
Studio 10 mm roof 37 psf / 130 km/h 90% via Skylight 10 year
Solarium mica plastic 20 psf / 70 km/h Steel Roof 1 year


What Accessories Can I Add To My Structure? 

Dallas Gazebo with curtains and netting


One of our most popular add-ons is curtains and netting - which allow you to enjoy your new space without the hassle of pesky bugs! Almost all of our gazebos do come with the option to add netting and some come with the option to add curtains as well! This is an investment that you will be thanking yourself for down the road :). If it's an Awning that you're interested in, you'll want to check out our Awning Roof Blinds which are compatible with both the Olympia and the Stockholm awnings. Roof blinds will provide you with extra shade during those hot summer months. 

Do I Need A Permit?

Typically a lean-to sunroom or awning that is attached to your house requires a permit, whereas a stand-alone gazebo or stand alone sunroom under 10 square meters (108 square feet) does not. Speak to your local building department for more details. You can read more on this topic here in our permit article

What About Assembly and Installation?

This is a very common question! While we do not offer installation directly through our company, we do have a list of recommended installers here. Note however that since we have over 150 products, they may or may not have experience in assembling your awning or gazebo etc, however they will likely be familiar with our kits and assembly issues. Note our list of installers are only available in some city centres but you can check for others. 

How much? Well it depends on your intaller, and again, we don't get involved in quoting.  However, generally, you can expect $1,000 to $1,500 per day for 2 installers. Some kits may take 1 to 3 days for assembly/installation depending on your requirements, foundation work, any additional construction etc.. 

Note that these are all meant to be Do-It-Yourself kits, but they take time and have lots of parts.  Installation is typically a 2 person job using basic tools, but please reference the assembly manual for specific assembly times for each product at our listings (they are there!). You can view the detailed assembly manual at the product listings! Canopia (formerly Palram) also has many follow-along product assembly videos on their YouTube channel. Curious about anchoring to your foundation? You can read more on that here

Stockholm Clear Patio Cover


If you still have questions, or need help choosing the perfect patio covering for your home - please contact us and we'll be happy to help!