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Can You Customize a Carport Kit?

Let's talk about 'do-it-yourself' carport kits. Carport kits allow you to build a carport in an afternoon for far less than it would cost you to build one from scratch. Not to mention the time it takes to attain a quote, hire a contractor, buy materials, and then finally build your carport weeks later. But, you might be wondering what to do if you need a carport for multiple cars, or a tall vehicle like an RV, trailer, or boat. Well, that is where carports like the Curved Roof Carport and Arizona Breeze come in. Many other carports and garages we carry have different size options, however, the following two are some of our most popular and customizable carport kits.

Arizona Breeze

If you need to protect a vehicle from the weather without taking up too much space the Arizona Wave carport would be perfect for you! The single-car size of this carport only has posts on one side, which allows you to assemble it in a much smaller space. If you need a double carport, two single carports can be attached together to create one of two designs. Either a double-wing or arch depending on the amount of space you have and the style you want. If you live somewhere with heavy snowfall and don’t want to worry about shoveling off the carport we would suggest setting it up as an arch, but if you have very little space the wing would be a better option for you.


What if you don’t have a driveway with two parking spots? If this is the case we would suggest the Arcadia carport by Palram. This carport comes in four different lengths ranging from 14ft to 28ft and has the option to add a height extension kit, which elevates the carport up to 11.5ft tall. These features allow you to customize the size of your carport to fit your needs, whether you need space to park more than one car in your driveway, or a tall vehicle, the Arcadia is for you.

UV Protection

Both of these carports come equipped with high quality, clear or slightly tinted polycarbonate roof panels that block UV radiation. This helps protect your vehicle from UV damage without blocking all light from passing through. The Arizona Breeze roof panels are completely clear and only block 10% of light, while still blocking 100% of UV radiation. The Arcadia has a bronze tint to its roof panels, which, of course, block 100% of UV, and only allow 15% of light to pass through. This type of polycarbonate is engineered to be high impact shatter-resistant, and will not discolour, fracture, or become brittle over time.

Snow Load and Wind Resistance 

The Arcadia and Arizona Wave, like many of our other carports, are built to withstand our harsh Canadian climate. These carports are designed with robust metal frames that do not rust and help to support heavy snow loads. The Arcadia boasts a snow load rating of 30.7lbs/ft2 (150kg/m2). Of course, the amount of snow that any carport can handle will change depending on the humidity and temperature, as this affects the weight of the snow. But, you can expect the Arcadia to support an average of 2-3ft (60-90cm) of snow. The Arizona Breeze carport has a snow load rating of 15.4lbs/ft2 (75kg/m2), which translates to an average of 1-1.5ft (30-45cm) of snow. Both carports can withstand 120km/h (75mph) winds if properly assembled and anchored.

Arizona Breeze Specifications

Arcadia Specifications 

All of our carport kits come with easy to follow assembly instructions and usually only require two to three people and less than a day of work to set up. This is a drastically simpler process than the complications of building a custom carport from scratch. 

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