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Warranty Claims

Often items such as our flat packed DIY kits are damaged during shipping.  Products may have travelled many kilometers from the manufacturer to your home. Parts can be missing or may have manufacturer defects that can be covered under warranty.  If metal items are significantly scratched (this often happens during shipping transactions across multiple carriers and is beyond our control), we may also be able to provide touch up paint. If you have a  Palram / Canopia / ShelterLogic / ShelterTech / Arrow / Sojag / QuickShade product, check your instruction manual included with your kit for warranty information. You can also call their customer service directly first at 1-800-560-8383 or visit their warranty page here

FAST FIX: If you have scratches on metal powder coated parts (very common issue with over-worked high volume freight companies these days) and want to fix fast yourself to prevent from rust, most hardware stores sell color-matched liquid enamel paint.  This can save you weeks or months of waiting for parts from outside of Canada.

If you would like to get replacements, you must provide the following information to within 30 days of receiving your order;

  • your Grizzly Shelter order # (e.g 1234)
  • item description/brand and manufacturer (NOTE: some parts requests may need to go directly to the manufacturer vs us)
  • send us photos of any missing/damaged items/parts
  • note the part #s for each missing/damaged item
  • indicate the quantity that you need for each
  • note your order # and confirm your delivery address (no PO Boxes please)

Once we receive this information above we can submit a claim to the manufacturer for consideration. Some manufacturers will replace the parts but you will be responsible for shipping costs. Since many product parts come from outside of Canada, replacements can take weeks or even months. Depending on parts availability and time of year, it could take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, or even months if not in stock. Please note that we do not compensate for time or contractor labour for warranty items.