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Shelter Kit Contractors and Installers Needed

Grizzly Shelter Ltd. is looking for local builders or contractors for shelter kit assembly and installations across Canada.  We provide a range of do-it-yourself shelter kits (carports, greenhouses, awnings, sheds, garages, gazebos and more) which many homeowners are unable to assemble on their own.  Often permits and more extensive site work is required such as cement foundations, attaching awnings to homes, leveling ground, anchoring, carpentry and more.  

Dallas Garden Gazebo

We sell larger structures such as sunroom enclosures and patio awnings that attach to the sides of houses and need proper anchoring and assembly.  Many large garage kits (steel or tube) require 2 people to assemble them over a few days.  All of our kits come with manuals, and a 1 800 # for tech support, but it would be your responsibility to manage the full installation and assembly.  

If you would like us to refer these assembly jobs to you (no charge, we just want to provide this free referral service), please complete the contact information below with your company name, email, website and contact information so we can list you on our installers directory.  We simply refer our customers to you via our directory and do not get involved in quoting installations.