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Get Discounts with our GRIZ Cryptocurrency

GRIZ Cryptocurrency

For experienced cryptocurrency users we now accept BNB and ETH cryptocurrencies as a payment method at online checkout.  We have also launched our own token for Grizzly Shelter Ltd. called "GRIZ" on the Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20) network.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: Cryptocurrency transactions can be risky and volatile and is for experienced users only. We are not able to support "how do I?" questions to uninitiated crypto users (there's lots online). Grizzly Shelter Ltd is not liable for any losses, changes in value or other issues related to cryptocurrency tokens or transactions such as sending to incorrect wallet addresses or similar technical issues where losses may occur.

How do I get GRIZ tokens?
Customers earn free GRIZ tokens on your first purchase (the amount of tokens will vary based on current token price). Current exchange is $1,000 Cdn purchase = 10 tokens. You can swap GRIZ for other tokens on the Binance Smart Chain Network or redeem them with us.

Can I redeem tokens for discounts?
Yes, by sending (redeeming) GRIZ tokens to us you will receive direct discounts on purchases at 

Send/Redeem to Wallet: 0x565fD2e1EaE8A8EDF557C439AF01E5B2E3B7e126

Where can I buy GRIZ?
We offer it on the Binance Smart Chain Network (BEP-20) below. The value of this token could increase the longer you hold it as an investment.  Of course cryptocurrency is volatile and we make no guarantees.

GRIZ Contract address: 0x42e86f7730065f9a266a4e1b1ca2ecf7046279b1
Buy, Sell or Swap on

GRIZ Token Contract details here.