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Greenworks Snow Blower
Greenworks Snow Blower
Greenworks Snow Blower
Greenworks Snow Blower
Greenworks Snow Blower
Greenworks Snow Blower
Greenworks Snow Blower

Greenworks Snow Blower

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Greenworks 82V 22 inch wide lithium-ion rechargeable battery operated snow blower / thrower starts easy and delivers superior performance without the use of cords, gas or oil. Powered by a 82-volt lithium-ion rechargeable battery and a super-efficient brushless motor, this single-stage snow blower fires up instantly and gets right to work, clearing a generous 22" wide path and throwing snow up to 25 ft..

This snow blower and thrower kit includes a 4 Ah battery and charger and comes with a 2 Year Battery, 2 Year Tool and 10 Year Brushless Motor Warranty. Two 5 Ah batteries give this a 40 minute run-time, and have a 30 minute charge time for perpetual use. 

NOTES:  The snow thrower comes with (Qty 1) GL400, 4.0Ah battery and (Qty 1) GC400 charger.  You can use any other 82V battery as well.    Although there are 2 battery ports on this machine, only 1 port is active, the second is just a holder.

Add the 12.5Ah (Equivalent of five 2.5Ah batteries) battery backpack to extend your use farther from a charging outlet.

This 82 Volt Commercial snow thrower is not available in stores.


Powerful Lithium Battery

The Greenworks 82V Commercial Battery has the latest Lithium-ion technology. Rugged case design. Move from one project to the next with the same battery. Swap tool to tool. Charge LED indicator on each battery. Warranty of 2 Years. Average Battery Life Cycle is 500 charges before capacity is reduced to 70%. Available in: 2Ah, 4Ah, 5Ah & 12.5Ah. Water Protective cover models coming soon. Chargers use Fast Charge Technology. Available in Single & Dual Battery Chargers Battery & Charger with a 2 Year Warranty.

Free Shipping in Canada 3 to 5 Days

Snow Throwing Power 82 Volt Style

Built with a high-efficiency brushless motor and a 22" clearing width, the SN 220 Snow Thrower can handle it all, even what the city snow plow leaves behind. Easily throw snow up to 25 ft.  A robust handle-mounted chute-adjustment lever puts the user in control when re-directing the snow up to 180° from side to side. 2 bright LED lights make it convenient for use early in the morning or at night.

  • Rubber and Steel Auger
  • Weather Resistant Construction
  • 2-Year Battery & Tool Warranty
  • Use same battery across range of garden tools below

Why Electric is Better Than Gas

Greenworks cordless tools have many benefits over gas engines:

  • 30% lighter tools for less wrist/arm/shoulder/back strain
  • 50% quieter than ear-damaging combustion engines
  • 5 times less vibration to avoid hand-arm vibration syndrome
  • no CO2 emissions during operation
  • no oil/gas winterization required 
  • less overall maintenance with brushless motor
  • share batteries across mower, trimmer, chainsaw, pole-saw and more

Technical Details

 Voltage 82 Volts
Run time (5Ah) Up to 40 min. with (2) 5Ah batteries
Stage: Single
Motor: Brushless
Clearing Path: 22 inches
Clearing Depth: 12.5 inches
Maximum Discharge: 25 feet
Electric Start: Yes
Chute Control: 180 Degrees
LED Light: Yes
Aluminum Handle: Yes
Dual Port: Manual Switchover
Weight: 55 lbs
Replacement Battery: GI-250
Replacement Charger: GC-400 /  GC-420

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