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Is buying a DIY shed kit cheaper than building one?

At Grizzly Shelter Ltd. we exclusively sell do-it-yourself (DIY) kits for sheds and other shelters that you assemble yourself. By shipping building kits right to your door with all parts and instructions included in a compact package, we can save you a lot of money and time, not to mention countless trips to the hardware store.

Savings can average 2 to 3 times cheaper for buying a kit vs hiring a local handyperson or contractor to design, engineer, source materials, mark them up and build one for you.

We sell DIY kits for sheds, garages, carports, awnings, gazebos, greenhouses and other shelters and accessories across Canada. We don't offer custom installations but if you need help, please refer to our installers area for recommendations in your area.

The kits we sell include detailed and illustrated assembly instructions and only basic tools are needed (e.g. cordless drill or screwdriver).  Many of our kits also have Youtube videos to watch for assembly help and in the instruction manuals you will also find 1 800 numbers for direct technical support for your products. Although we sell over 200 products, we at Grizzly are also here to support you for any basic assembly questions, however we recommend that you read the instruction manual first! :)  We may also refer you to the manufacturer for items that we don't produce in-house.

What Foundation Work Is Needed?
The foundation work will be the about the same regardless of what you build, but a custom wood shed will weigh much more, and so a more robust cement slab or block setup maybe need to ensure it remains level and does not sag etc.. For a steel shed, you can get away with a level gravel bed, a perimeter of 1 or 2 inch paving stones, and just a pressure-treated 2x4 wood frame under the walls.  You may also wish to create an elevated floor out of wood (2x4s and 5/8th inch 4x8 foot sheets of plywood are recommended). Just be absolutely sure to make your site level before you begin, since your door(s) may not close properly if the frame is "racked" and uneven. Our kits generally come with screws or cement lag bolts for securing your frame to a concreate or wood base. Click here for details on building a foundation.

Arrow Elite Steel Storage ShedIs Buying A Kit Cheaper Than Building Custom?
Yes, a lot cheaper and much faster too!  Here's a breakdown of costs you will run into when building your own shed out of wood vs buying a ready to go DIY kit.  Yes, with a custom wood shed, you do of course get to build it to fit exactly into your yard, and with the look and colors you want. We will assume a 10x8 basic shed with our calculations below. This includes work for the foundation, cement/blocks, lumber, roofing and trips back and forth to the hardware store. Our custom 10x8 shed kits generally go together in a day or two maximum with 1 or 2 people. Building your own custom shed will be a least a week or two depending on the style, level of finish you want and materials.

OPTION A: CUSTOM 10x8 SHED - $2,500
Frame - Lumber 4x8 sheets, 2x4s, 2x6s = $800
Roof - Stainless steel sheets = $350
Foundation - cement blocks/paving stones = $200
Hardware - brackets, screws, nails = $50
Paint/Stain - add brushes/rollers/pole = $100
Labour - 40 hours @$25/hr = $1,000

OPTION B: BUY A 10x8 KIT - $1,000
Kit Cost - $1,000 average cost shipped taxes included 
Woodridge 10x8 Steel Shed - a great value, add floor frame kit and/or roof reinforcement kit for higher snow load areas.

10x8 Shed Kit = $950
Custom Wood: 8 x 4x8 Plywood = $200
Labour for cutting/installing wood = $50 or 2 hours
Stain/Paint: $50

Get the best of both worlds and build a custom hybrid wood & steel shed. We have an option where you buy the steel frame and roof kit, and then add your own custom wood.  Our Steel and Wood shed is a great option for a more custom or high end look to fit with your home.  You just assemble the steel frame for the walls, and slide in 3/8th inch plywood, boards or tongue and groove panels and then put on the steel roof. Easy peasy and it can impress your neighbours! :)