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5 Ways To Save Shipping Costs in 2024

As a Canadian supplier of Do-It-Yourself shelters, shipping can be expensive. At Grizzly Shelter Ltd., we are always seeking ways to save money on shipping costs for our customers on heavy items.  Shipping is most affected by fuel prices, distance and the weight and size of your item as well as seasonality. Here are some easy ways you can save on shipping costs.

Delivery TruckDid you know? As a large volume shipper, we use Freightcom which is an online tool for brokering the cheapest shipping quotes across leading carriers. Unlike other retailers, Grizzly Shelter Ltd. does not mark up shipping, in fact we often take a loss on it when rates fluctuate higher.

ESTIMATE TIP: On average, for shipping large items via trucking, costs can range from $1 to $2 per kilometer per kilogram. This range is an approximation and can fluctuate based on fuel prices, carrier, and urgency of delivery.

1. Buy A DIY Kit vs Custom Build

DIY Carport from Grizzly Shelter Ltd.
Right off the bat, buying one of our pre-cut and thought out flat packed kits and getting it shipped to your door will save you 50% or more vs a custom build. Not only do building kits for carports, sheds, greenhouses or garages save costs of  design and planning (e.g. CAD, architect, carpenter, permit drawings) and trips to the hardware store as well as gas, but also build time. For example, one of our best selling steel carports kits at 12 wide x 20 long x 7 high can take 2 people less than a day to assemble.

2. Pick It Up Yourself!

Loading boxes - Grizzly Shelter Ltd.
For the majority of our heavy steel carports, garages and sheds, we offer pickup in Mississauga, Montreal and Calgary (contact us to check inventory first though). We also custom weld our Kootenay line of steel and wood carports in Kelowna, Brampton and Ottawa, which can reduce delivery costs significantly (you can buy wood/roofing locally to save money too).

3. Shop During Off Peak Season

Shipping during non-peak times can be much cheaper and faster for delivery. You also reduce the risk of us running out of stock for popular items. For example, Spring is peak season for greenhouse and sheds sales.  Fall is "shelter season" for garages and carports which often go out of stock before the snow flies.  Winter or mid-Summer are good times to pickup deals when sales are slower.

4. Buy In Bulk or With Friends

Group of Friends Helping with Shipments - Grizzly Shelter Ltd.
Combining multiple shipments into one can lead to substantial savings, as carriers often offer discounts for bulk shipping. You and a neighbor can go in on buying 2 sheds or carports and we can offer you 10% or more savings, plus what you'd save on cheaper shipping costs. You can even build the shelter kits together and then celebrate with a few beverages after! 

5. Opt for Slower Delivery Options

Expedited shipping in less than a three days is significantly more expensive than average. If time is not a critical factor, choosing a slower delivery option can cut costs dramatically.

Note that with Grizzly Shelter Ltd., delivery drivers will always call you at the number provided with your online order to arrange delivery.  At that time you can discuss any special instructions to find your home and hours when you will be home to receive the item. Note that not all trucks may have a lift-gate available, and so may require you to help unload boxes.  Drivers generally also can not carry items onto your property due to insurance reasons, and will leave them at the bottom of your driveway or elsewhere it is easily accessible.

Contact us at with a postal code and a link to the product, colour and size you are looking for to get the best of three quotes.