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The Technical Side of Greenworks

Okay, so you’ve heard some technical stats about Greenworks tools, such as they are 50% quieter, 30% lighter, and produce 5 times less vibration. But, what do these numbers really mean?


What is VWF and why do you want to avoid it?

Obviously, everyone can agree that less noise and lighter tools mean for a more enjoyable day in the garden for both you and your neighbours. But, what’s the big deal about vibration? Well, most gas or oil-powered motors cause a lot of vibration to travel through the tool into your hands and arms. This can cause a syndrome called “vibration-induced white finger”, or VWF. The Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety states that vibration from handheld tools “can cause changes in tendons, muscles, bones, and joints, and can affect the nervous system”. Doesn’t sound fun, does it?

This is where the Greenworks brushless electric tools really shine! Because they are lighter and cause less vibration your risk of injury is significantly reduced. Not only are they better for the environment, but they are also safer for you!


But, how does it all work?

Greenworks uses DigiProTM Brushless Technology motors in both the 48-volt and 82-volt product lines. Brushless motors are becoming more and more popular because they are lighter, but deliver the same, if not more, power and torque. All of the Greenworks tools run on rapid charging lithium-ion batteries. The Greenworks Pro product line is equipped with 82-volt batteries which is the highest voltage used in the industry.


GS String Trimmer

The Greenworks String Trimmer has the equivalent performance of a 33cc gas motor but produces 30% more torque, and 70% less vibration. This trimmer isn't your average weed whipper. It is compatible with 6 different attachment heads, making it the ultimate 6-in-1 tool for all landscaping enthusiasts. These attachments include a hedge trimmer, garden edger, blower, pole saw, and cultivator. The trimmer also has other great features such as a dual line bump feed head, push-button electric start, variable speed trigger, and a 2-year warranty. 

GS Chainsaw

Chainsaws are another tool that can easily cause vibration injuries; in fact, they can be some of the worst culprits in the industry. This is one aspect of why Greenworks Electric Chainsaws are superior to standard gas-powered chainsaws. They produce 5 times less vibration, without compromising on performance. Our favourite is the GS 180 Chainsaw This saw powers through every job from routine maintenance to felling trees with an 18" bar and chain. The brushless motor provides high torque, zero-maintenance and zero-exhaust all while decreasing vibrations and noise levels. This tough, powerful, and lightweight chainsaw is ideal for cutting firewood, trimming and felling trees, or doing forestry work. The GS 180 Chainsaw comes with a full metal wrap-around handle, steel bucking spikes, and like all other Greenworks tools; it has a 2-year warranty on both the saw and 82-volt battery.

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