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Storage Sheds - What to Expect

Storage sheds, they’re all the same right?
Wrong! There are many different shapes, sizes, and styles to choose from. We carry everything from full kits that can be set up in an afternoon, to DIY frame kits that allow you to choose and customize your own wood siding. Keep reading to learn more about the sheds we offer, and how to choose the right one for your needs!


Arrow Elite Shed

This 8 ft. x 6 ft. steel shed is an innovative premium storage solution with a 15-year warranty. The Arrow Elite series storage shed has an attractive squared wall design and textured wrinkle paint in an anthracite finish, making it a welcome fixture in any backyard, garden, or outdoor setting. Made from Galvalume, a USA steel with an aluminum and zinc plating, which is highly anti-corrosive. This steel shed is built to last!

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Ironwood Steel Shed

This is an interesting shed because it is highly customizable. The DIY Ironwood Shed kit comes with a steel frame, door, and roof, but does not include wood siding or a floor. This allows you to pick the exact type of wood and finish that suits your style and property. This shed is compatible with 3/8th inch thick wood paneling, which can be oriented vertically or horizontally. The Ironwood Storage Shed is available in multiple sizes and colours, making it even more customizable. The shed comes with a 12 Year warranty and is built to last with galvanized steel construction. You can choose to add a steel floor kit, or roof strengthening kit, if you live in an area with heavy snowfall, as well.


Yukon Shed

The large Yukon Storage Shed handles Canadian winters with 20.5 lbs/ft2 of snow load and a wind rating of up to 120 km/h. This ultra-tough utility shed is durable and perfect for storing your gear, lawn equipment, bikes, and more. It is engineered with an aluminum frame and virtually unbreakable polycarbonate roof and walls. It will provide years of maintenance-free protection, and is covered by a 15-year warranty.  The Yukon Shed features a large double door with a ramp, and built-in gutters, as well as shingled roof panels that allow for natural light to filter through.


Yardsaver Lean-To Shed

This lean-to sloped roof storage shed is a best seller for a reason. An innovation in compact, economical storage space solutions, the Yardsaver shed fits in beside your house and blends in like no other building can. The horizontal paneling looks great "leaning" against any wall or in narrow, hard-to-fit areas.  The Yardsaver is ideal for storing garbage and recycling, bicycles, lawn equipment, outdoor gear, tools, firewood, and more.


Do I need a concrete slab?

Most sheds will be compatible with a concrete slab, however, it is not always necessary. Concrete slabs help level the ground, provide stability for the shed, and keep everything inside the shed dry and clean. We recommend speaking with your local contractor when deciding whether or not you need a concrete slab.


What about snow load?

If you live in an area with heavy snowfall in winter, you may want to consider a roof reinforcement kit.

Snow load ratings are measured in pounds per square foot. These ratings can be converted to estimations of snow depth, depending on the water content in the snow. If you experience drier, colder winters where you live, the snow sitting on your roof will have lower moisture content and therefor will be lighter. This means that your roof will be able to handle more snow before hitting its limit. If you live in a climate with slightly warmer temperatures and heavy snowfall, the snow on your roof will be heavier and will need to be shoveled more frequently. In order to get a rough estimation of how much snow your roof can handle, you will need to divide the lbs/ft2 rating by 10 to get the approximate snow depth. For example, if your roof is rated for 22lbs/ft2 you can expect your roof to be able to handle roughly 2-2.5 ft of snow before needing to be shoveled off.*

*NOTE: Remember that this is only an estimation, and you should always be conservative with your expectations of snow load capability in order to avoid a roof cave-in or collapse.


How do I find the right space in my yard?

Not everyone has an acreage of land and lots of space to choose from. If you live on a small city lot it may be a bit of a struggle to find enough storage space. This is where sheds like the Yardsaver come in! This shed can easily be tucked into small spaces along the side of your house because of its minimalistic lean-to design, which means it won’t take up any yard space.


Do I need to paint my shed?

No! Most of our sheds come with finished metal siding and do not require painting. The Ironwood Shed is the one exception, because you will provide your own siding, and therefore you can paint or stain the wood however you like.