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How to Prepare for Fall and Winter

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Transitioning into Cooler Weather

As we reach the end of summer, its time to start thinking about transitioning the outdoor spaces around your house to prepare for colder weather. Whether you want to find out how to heat a patio or sunroom or store your garden tools for the winter, this article can help.


Adding a heater to your patio, gazebo, or sunroom can help to extend patio season well into the fall months. This allows you to have outdoor BBQ parties or stargazing evenings even when temperatures start to drop. Heaters can also be used in sheds or greenhouses to help keep stored items warm and dry. 


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Now that we can start to expect rain and cold weather in the near future its time to decide how you want to store your garden tools, summer toys, and vehicles.

Types of Storage:

  • Shed
    • Sheds are the most secure type of storage because most can be locked, which allows you to store more valuable tools and equipment. If you’re worried about low temperatures and possible freezing, you can add a small space heater to your shed.


  • Awning
    • An awning can be attached to the side of your house and used for storing outdoor gear such as canoes, kayaks, paddleboards, bikes, or even leftover building supplies from summer projects. 

  • Carport
    • Carports are the best way to protect your car, truck, boat, or RV from our harsh Canadian winters. But, carports can also be used similarly to awnings. You can store all sorts of summer toys, building supplies, firewood, and much more under a carport. You can even use them as gazebos!

  • Greenhouse 
    • This may sound surprising, but once you have cleared all the plants out of your greenhouse it can double as a winter storage shed for your garden tools and lawn care equipment! This is the perfect way to ensure you never waste any space around your yard and garden.



For most of us in Canada, September to November tend to be fairly rainy, which can make it almost impossible to comfortably use your patio set and BBQ during the fall. Adding an awning, sunroom, or gazebo can help solve this issue by keeping your outdoor spaces clean, dry, and comfortable.

  • Awning
    • Awnings are some of the most versatile coverings we offer. Of course, they can be used to cover doorways, porches, patios, and outdoor furniture. But large awnings can also be used as attached carports or outdoor storage.

      • Sunroom
        • Sunrooms can either be stand-alone or attached to a house. Something interesting about sunrooms that you might not know is that they are essentially the same as a greenhouse! So, if you can’t find a sunroom that fits your needs, feel free to hop over to the “greenhouses” tab on our website.

      • Gazebo
        • Open-air gazebos are most often used during the summer as shade structures, but they can also provide cover from rain, or protect your patio furniture from snow during the winter.