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Compact Storage Solutions For Small Spaces

Storage space is something we're all after - but what do you do when you can't fit a big garage or large storage shed on your property? 

Whether you have limited space to work with or you're looking to store smaller items, we've got you covered with our versatile line of compact storage sheds! 

Steel VS Polycarbonate - Which Is Better?

We offer two main types of storage sheds - Steel and Polycarbonate. Both materials come with pros and cons, let's take a look at each to help you make the best decision for your situation. 

What Is Polycarbonate?

Polycarbonate is essentially a naturally transparent amorphous thermoplastic. Polycarbonates used in engineering are strong, tough materials, and some grades are optically transparent. We carry a line of polycarbonate products manufactured by the Israeli company, Palram (now Canopia). Palram has been continually pushing the limits of thermoplastic technology for over 50 years. 

Benefits of Polycarbonate 

Polycarbonate sheds are known for their affordability, and easy-to-construct designs. Palram's line of polycarbonate sheds is virtually unbreakable as well as, rust, rot and peel resistant. Polycarbonate sheds are maintenance free, and can be easily cleaned by hosing them down with water. Additionally these sheds are very easy to move if needed!

 Benefits of Steel Sheds 

Our steel sheds are supplied by ShelterLogic, a 70 year old company specializing in tough-made storage and shelters. Steel sheds are generally heavier than Polycarbonate which may allow the to be more resistant to strong winds. Steel sheds are very structurally solid and will last many years if taken care of. Steel sheds don't need to be painted but are easy to paint if you decide to change the colour down the road. Maintaining a steel shed is the same as polycarbonate - easily wash down with a hose! 

Our Best-Selling Compact Storage Sheds 

Now that you know the benefits of both steel and polycarbonate, let's take a look at some of our best-selling compact storage sheds. 

Steel Bike Or Garbage Shed (click image below to view product page)

This robust steel bike, gear or garbage shed is a great multi-purpose storage solution. Made from galvanized steel to prevent corrosion. Two lockable, wide swing doors provide easy access to stored items. Pneumatic lifts assist in opening & closing the lid. The 6 x 3 footprint and slanted roof design is great for patios, decks, walkways, in the garage or on the side of your house.
Size: 6x3 feet
Warranty: 10 years

Pent Shed (click image below to view product page)
The Pent Shed is an efficient storage lean to style shed perfect for storing your bicycle, mower, camping or pool equipment or gardening tools etc.  Made with Palram’s virtually unbreakable polycarbonate and reinforced aluminum frame, the Pent Shed will provide years of maintenance-free protection. Best suited for low snow load areas.
Size: 68.9" L x 46.3" W x 79.9" H
Warranty: 10 years 


Spacemaker Steel Shed (click image below to view product page)

This Steel Storage Shed is a perfect size to store all those items you use on your deck and patio. Tall walls and wide swing door openings allows you to move items in and out with easy. 

Size: 4x3, 5x3, or 6x3
Warranty: 12 years 


Steel Garden Shed (click image below to view product page)

This steel double doored 8 foot by 3 foot deep garden shed is perfect for your yard essentials, gardening tools and more. This simple and efficiently designed shed is attractive whether free-standing or against a wall. It also includes floor frame, four wide shelves and tool hanger rack.

Size: 8x3
Warranty: 12 years 

Steel Storage Shed with Pent Roof (click image below to view product page)

This lean-to sloped roof pent shed is a best seller for a reason, it's so very efficient. An innovation in compact, economical storage space solutions, the Yardsaver shed fits in beside your house and blends in like no other building can.

Size: 4x7 or 4x10
Warranty: 12 years  

Skylight Storage Shed (click image below to view product page)

Our largest of the compact storage sheds is the Skylight Storage shed. Perfect for storing, organizing and protecting your gear, bikes, tools, mower and gardening supplies. This versatile light weight polycarbonate shed is maintenance free, withstands inclement weather, it is rust, rot, and peel resistant, will maintain its colour and will not become brittle over time. The SkyLight shed is 100% recyclable; it will complement your home and enhance your outdoor living space.

Size: 6x5, 6x8 or 6x10
Warranty: 10 years

Whether you choose a steel shed or a polycarbonate shed for your space, you can rest assured that our sheds are built to last and will be the perfect addition to your home. 

As always, if you have any questions please contact us and we will be happy to help!