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Greenhouse Snow Load Considerations for Canada

At Grizzly, we pride ourselves on offering strong and long-lasting greenhouses and carports and shelters that can withstand the burliest Canadian winter. Many customers ask, so what kind of snow load can your shelters take?  Well, we have quoted numbers like 35 to 50 pounds per square foot depending on the shelter, but it varies. So what do those numbers really mean though?

Well, it depends.  If you live in the mountains of inland British Columbia and experience typically wet and heavy snow then that is an important consideration.  Also, many underestimate the effect of wind on their shelter.  Knowing where the prevailing wind direction is relative to your structure is very important.  Roof pitch and design is very important too - is it flat, peaked or a leanto? Did you know that wet blowing snow can compact on your roof or siding, increasing the real snow load? Other things to consider are snow moisture content, wind direction & intensity, wood or metal supports/frames.

Here are 3 polycarbonate greenhouses with the highest snow loads;