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Best 5 Ways To Heat Your Greenhouse or Sunroom 2023

Heating a sunroom or greenhouse for optimal vegetable or greens growth in Canada's climate requires careful consideration of several factors, including temperature control, energy efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. Here are five ways to heat a greenhouse for the best permaculture growing techniques in Canada:

Radiant Floor Heating1. Radiant floor heating: Radiant floor heating is a highly effective way to heat a greenhouse while minimizing energy consumption. This type of heating system involves installing tubing under the greenhouse floor and circulating hot water through it to warm the space. Radiant floor heating provides even, gentle heat that doesn't dry out the air, making it ideal for vegetable growing.

Tankless Hot Water Heating

2. Hot water heating: Tankless hot water heating involves circulating hot water through pipes or tubes installed in the walls or ceiling of the greenhouse. This method provides steady, gentle heat that is easily controlled with a thermostat. Hot water heating is energy-efficient and effective at maintaining a consistent temperature, which is important for vegetable growth.

3. Electric heating: Electric heaters are a popular option for heating greenhouses because they are easy to install and use. However, they can be more expensive to operate than other methods. To maximize energy efficiency, look for models that have adjustable thermostats and timers. Tankless hot water heaters are even more 

4. Propane heating: Propane heaters are another effective way to heat a greenhouse. They are more powerful than electric heaters and can quickly raise the temperature of a large space. However, they can be more expensive to operate than other methods, and you will need to keep a supply of propane on hand.

5. Passive solar heating: Passive solar heating involves using the sun's energy to warm the greenhouse during the day. This method can be very effective, especially in sunny climates. It involves orienting the greenhouse to face south and installing windows or other glazing materials that allow sunlight to enter and heat the space. To prevent overheating, you may need to install shading devices or ventilation fans to regulate the temperature.

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