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Outdoor Infrared Heater
Outdoor Infrared Heater
Outdoor Infrared Heater
Outdoor Infrared Heater
Outdoor Infrared Heater
Outdoor Infrared Heater

Outdoor Infrared Heater

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This 1500-W carbon fiber IR outdoor heater is great for heating outdoor spaces like a carport, shed or gazebo.  It comes with a wall or ceiling mount.

Ever wished to spend time outdoors, but the weather had other plans? While we are unable to control the elements, we can help you with whatever it throws your way with this IR Space Heater. Our high quality, low glare carbon fiber infrared heater delivers instant warmth, heats the skin and your space efficiently. Its heat output is unaffected by wind or weather, making it perfect as a patio heater and for other open-air living spaces, you can feel the heat up to 14’ away from the heater. Its quiet operation and rapid warm-up time make it suitable for indoors as well. An included seven-foot cord and mounting bracket make it easy to add multiple units to cover a wider area. It is ETL listed and IP65 approved.

  • Highly resilient infrared heater providing instant warmth to living space outdoor and indoor
  • Efficient alternative to gas heating – without fumes and exhaust
  • Can heat up to 14′ away without being affected by wind or weather
  • Quiet operation and rapid warm-up time
  • Can be mounted on any wall from open-air spaces (patios, gazebos) to interior rooms
  • Two or more units can be mounted to cover a large area with overlapping warmth zones
  • 100% maintenance free
  • 2-year warranty

  • Provides a highly efficient alternative to gas heating, without the fumes and exhaust (equivalent to Halogen 2000W)
  • Highly resilient carbon fiber heating body
  • Adjustable mounting brackets, 7 ft. cord with 120V plug and step-by-step instructions included for easy out-of-the-box installation
  • High quality and durable black painted aluminum housing with a high rated aluminum reflector
  • Weather resistant, waterproof IP65 approved, water spray protected and ETL listed
  • Place this unit on the wall anywhere you need heat, from open-air spaces like patios and gazebos to interior rooms in both residential and commercial environments
  • For personal comfort or spot heating, add one heater; or, heat larger areas by arranging two or more units set at different angles for overlapping warmth zones
  • Plug-in unit, standard 110-120V, 1500-W, 15 Amp
  • Product dimensions: 29.1 in. x 6.4 in. x 6.1 in.
  • Compatible with Palram's patio covers and gazebos range as well as any sheds, carports or outdoor areas requiring extra heat