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Grizzly Studios
Grizzly Studios
Grizzly Studios
Grizzly Studios
Grizzly Studios
Grizzly Studios
Grizzly Studios
Grizzly Studios
Grizzly Studios
Grizzly Studios
Grizzly Studios
Grizzly Studios
Grizzly Studios
Grizzly Studios
Grizzly Studios
Grizzly Studios
Grizzly Studios
Grizzly Studios
Grizzly Studios
Grizzly Studios

Grizzly Studios

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Grizzly Studios are custom prefabricated modular dwellings which are delivered ready to move in to your property or backyard. Wired, heated and lit up for your home, office, pottery studio, inlaws or teenager hangout, this studio space is also a great investment and year-round easy addition to your property. We welcome customized size and design requirements and will create a layout based on your needs. We will also optionally fit your home with solar panels, green roof or a rain water catchment system. Contact us for a custom design and floor plan.

There is no construction mess or loud noise since we make the entire modular studio home in our factory warehouse in Nelson, British Columbia. On our larger sizes, we can offer Canadian Standards Association (CSA) approval certification with a 10 year warranty and have over 20 years of construction and small home delivery experience. With modular home building in our factory, we can keep your cost less than $200 per square foot. Delivery and crane/site installation will be extra.

Studio Features

  • delivered locked up and ready to move in
  • suitable for rental property since movable
  • 10 Year Home Warranty (CSA) for 12x20 and 12x30 sizes
  • energy efficient windows and doors
  • wired with electrical panel and exterior plug
  • wall heater/ventilation/LED pot lighting
  • durable engineered wood/laminated flooring
  • fire resistant roof, siding, windows/doors
  • exterior colour options to match your house
  • customer provides level ground
  • building permit is not required under 10 sqr metres (9x12)
  • delivery from Nelson, B.C. at $2 to $5 per km ($500 minimum)
  • crane delivery and site connections will be quoted as extra
  • costs will vary based on options selected (further below)

Construction Details 

  • Rock wool insulation: R24+ walls, R28+ floor, R40+ roof
  • 80 psf snow load, 140 km/h wind rated roof
  • 29 gauge steel roofing, 25 year warranty
  • roof pitch 1:12 slope, rafters 24" OC,  with 7.5 to 9 foot ceiling 
  • 2x8 roof & floor joists at 16" OC, 5/8" plywood floor
  • 2x6 walls at 24" OC, 1/2" wall plywood
  • wired with 4 plugs 1 phone and 1 ethernet port
  • exterior side overhangs LED pot-lights, interior LED pot-lights
  • hard-wired smoke detector, 1 external GFI plug
  • delivered on beams with hooks for transport at any time
  • crane installation is available based on your site requirements


  • ribbed steel roof 29 gauge (view colour samples)
  • exterior wood/metal siding colour of your choice
  • paint colour or wood T&G panels
  • engineered flooring colour/design of your choice
  • window and door type and placements
  • flat green roof with grass/soil/vegetable garden
  • rainwater capture into metal tank
  • roof sprinkler for fire suppression
  • air intake filters for smoke/particulate

Standard Sizes

  • 12 foot wide x 9 foot deep - single room (building permit is not required in BC since under 10 square meters) 
  • 20 foot wide x 12 foot deep - double room (building permit required)
  • 30 foot wide x 12 foot deep - three rooms (building permit required)
  • See our 800 square foot Kamloops Modular Home design
  • Contact us with your custom design requirements and layout ideas

Payment Plan

  • 50% deposit to begin production
  • Remainder due prior to delivery 
  • Financing via PayBright is available 

    Delivery Time

    Delivery of your studio averages 8 to 12 weeks from 50% deposit to delivery where payment is required in full. Customization or variances from the standard designs and layouts and site requirements will of course change pricing & lead times. 

    Layout - 12' wide x 9' deep


    Layout - 20' wide x 12' deep

    Layout - 30' wide x 12' deep

    Contact us for more information and to get a customized design and layout.

    View In 3D & Augmented Reality!

    We will create your home design and send it to you so you can place it virtually on your land to walk in and through it. Click the image below for an example to view in 3D. Or to view on your phone, follow these steps below;

    1. Download the SketchUp Viewer Android or iPhone app to view in 3D or augmented reality on your phone.
    2. Open your SketchUp Viewer app once installed, and click on the cloud icon in the top right, and open the 3D Warehouse link.  Then search via the magnifying glass icon for "Grizzly Studio".
    3. Once loaded, use one finger on your phone to drag and two fingers to scale.
    4. To view in Augmented Reality, go outside to the proposed site for your studio (can be done indoors on your floor also). Click the phone icon on left (2nd from button from bottom labelled AR) and scan a level surface to place your model on using your phone as per instructions.  Then tap to anchor the model with your finger, and start walking around or inside your new studio!